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These are the some of the books we have read in the past and the rating we gave them based on a scale of 1-10.

  • January 2004 More Like Wrestling Danyel Smith -4
  • January 2004 Somethings I Never Thought I'd Do Pearl Cleage -9
  • Summer 2003 Loving Donovan Bernice McFadden-8
  • Summer 2003 And on the Eighth Day She Rested J.D. Mason-8
  • March 2003 Mirrored Life Anita Bunkley-8
  • February 2003 Invisible Man Ralph Ellison-7
  • November 2002 The Red Tent Anita Demitra-8
  • October 2002 Someone To Catch My Drift Jacqueline Powell-6
  • May 2002 And You Know Better Tina McElroy Ansa-8
  • September 2002 This Bitter Earth Bernice McFadden-10
  • May 2002 Sugar Bernice McFadden-9
  • March 2002 This Side of Eternity Rosalyn McMillian-5.5
  • February 2002 The Haunting of Hip Hop Bertice Berry-6
  • January 2002 What You Owe Me BeBe Campbell Moore-7.5
  • November 2001 I Wish I Had A Red Dress Pearl Cleage-7.4
  • October 2001 Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do Valerie Wilson Wesley-7
  • September 2001 A Day Late And a Dollar Short Terry McMillan-7
  • September 2001 The Coldest Winter Ever Sister Souljah-8
  • May 2001 The Harris Men R.M. Johnson-8.13
  • April 2001 Blancing Act Anita Richmond Bunkley-6.3
  • March 2001 Far From The Tree Virginia Dewberry & Donna Grant-8.56
  • February 2001 Men Cry In The Dark Michael Baisden-7.6
  • January 2001 The Future Has A Past J. California Cooper-7